More about your Men*Pathic Traits

“Yes, I knew that already”


Hyper-Sensory Perception

Men*Paths possess a knowing, an ESP-like ability to often sense the intentions of others within a few seconds.

We also have a sixth sense of sorts that I call H-S-P, Hyper-Sensory-Perception and it embodies just one of our menpathic superpowers. As the list below illustrates, empathic and HSP men aren’t always like the stereotypical Type-A aggressive male; We tend to be more Type-M (menpathic), a lot quieter and more reserved than our more aggressive, take-no-prisoners counterparts.

Dr. Elaine Aron, author of the seminal book The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, perfectly characterizes the menpathic male with this memorable nemonic, D-O-E-S.

Menpathics exhibit/experience all of these in various degrees:

  • DEPTH OF PROCESSING - we overthink everything compared to others. We think deeply about even the most mundane things. We process details while not always being in command of them.

  • OVERSTIMULATION - We tend to become overstimulated by excessive noise, some crowd settings, uncomfortable clothing, light, negative energies, scents, etc.

  • EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY - empathy might be one of our superpowers but it doesn’t feel that way sometimes, especially when we absorb the bad moods of our boss, spouse, gesticulating maniac on the freeway, or when we’re hungry or hangry.

  • SENSITIVE TO SUBTLETIES - we don’t miss much and key into life’s minutia most of the time, even tuning into smells and sounds others aren’t aware of.

Although we appear to have an ESP-like ability, H-S-P is more readily explained by neuroscientists as the cumulative effects of our unique nervous systems perceiving and interpreting data that non-menpaths aren’t aware of and comparing it to what we’ve observed in the past.

Our uniquely evolved neurobiological and behavioral systems perceive the most minute visual and verbal cues such as changes in body language, emotional states, and other micro-observations that others miss.

Despite how it works, we menpaths experience a sense of knowing about the motivations, intentions, and feelings of others most all the time.

MenPaths are Different and That’s a Good Thing

Here’s a list of 15 ways that we differ from our non-empathic and HSP brothers:

  • We are are highly sensitive

  • We absorb other people’s emotions

  • Many of us are introverted

  • We are highly intuitive

  • We need alone time

  • We have highly-tuned senses

  • We absorb negative energy like a sponge

  • We know things before others do

  • We feel everything at-full-volume

  • We need down time to recover

  • We can drown in other people’s issues

  • We process things deeply and slowly

  • We are often overstimulated and shut down when we reach our limit

  • We can see right through most people

  • Narcissists and Type A’s are our Kryptonite


Type A bosses and narcissists may be our kryptonite…

but there are ways to maintain justice in the Universe by embracing and learning everything we can about using our inherent superpowers for good.

You’re made of heroic stuff

Who needs to leap over tall buildings when there’s so much good we can do just by being ourselves?

Though we identify with and feel the physical and emotional side effects of our unique traits, if we choose to shift our focus from inward to outward, from how we feel to how we can help others feel better, we can use our empathic nature to deeply listen, intuitively understand the concerns of others.

“This might seem difficult at first, but with a focus on serving others we find more comfort within our empathic and HSP lives.”

As Dr. Aron explains, it’s by re-framing our negative experiences that we can turn them into positive leverage points for greater contribution.

Given this is possible, why would we want to spend our lives wallowing in the negative side-effects of our empathic and HSP nature when there is so much awesome power inside us just waiting to be celebrated and expressed?



The world needs you to learn everything you can about your trait and use them to influence others for good. The world needs you now more than ever.