The Digital MicroMagazine for Sensitive Superheroes

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A subscription publication for empath and HSP men (and those who love them) containing original articles, occasional interviews, and stunning visual imagery.

Each issue helps you celebrate your unique mode of interpreting and interacting with the world as well and using your superpowers to change your life for the better. It’s also for all those who love empathic and HSP men and helps provide them with deeper insight into the sensitive superhero in their life.


Q. What’s a digital micromagazine?

Digital magazines, unlike their print counterparts, are designed and produced for reading on a tablet or laptop…and are a more environmentally friendly alternative to print publications. They allow for much more creativity in both typography and images that make for a memorable reading and viewing experience. A micromagazine is a digital magazine that’s narrowly focused on one theme or topic.

Q. How do I read a digital magazine?

Usually on a tablet or laptop, but sometimes on your computer. They’re published in PDF so they go with your everywhere you take your iPad, Surface, or laptop.

Q. Are you charging for it?

Short Answer: Yes…and no. Allow me to explain.

Longer Answer: I’m a writer but also a empath and highly-senstive person, so instead of writing generic books and selling them in a bookstore to anyone, I’m creating a series of shorter, focussed digital magazines, each with a specific theme for a specific kind of reader—Menpaths like me and you. It’s a unique one-of-a-kind publication.

Q. How much are they?

I plan to release the first run of four issues for free. Subscriptions for subsequent runs will carry a minimal subscription cost.

Q. What’s included?

Each issue is a beautifully produced high-resolution PDF that’s readable on most any digital device. We recommend you read on an iPad, Surface, or laptop screen. As far as content, I’ve included a preview of our four issues below. Just click on the main image to preview.

A Sneak Peek Inside the 2019 Issues:

(Covers above are not representative of actual issues.)

Publication Dates

  • Spring Issue ~ Special Edition ~ May-June (free when you subscribe)

  • Summer Issue ~ July-August

  • Fall Issue ~ October-November

  • Winter Issue ~ December- January