More About Your Men*Pathic Superpowers

There are some aspects of your Men*Pathic traits that set you apart from the rest of the population. See if the following resonate with your experience.

Detailed Focus

You don’t miss much and key into life’s minutia most of the time, even tuning into smells and sounds others aren’t aware of.

This deep focus gives you insight into the behavior and motivation of others, sometimes even before they act.

Deep Thinking

You think deeply about even the most mundane things. You process details while not always being in command of them.

You might not answer your boss’s questions right away but you understand the issues at hand on a deeper level.

Downtime is Essential

You’re able to hold your own in social situations, but you also require just as much downtime to recover from the overstimulation.

As Tom Clancy once wrote, “Rest is a weapon” and the MenPath needs a substantial amount to remain sharp.

Recovery time is important.

X-ray Vision

What’s a superhero without X-Ray vision, right? While you can’t see through people’s physical bodies, you can always spot the false, self-serving interests of a narcissist long before non-Menpaths do.

Narcissists are the MenPath’s kryptonite and require special training to resist.