Lonely in Childhood, Adrift in Adulthood

My Empathic Journey from Lonely Victim to Superhero

Hi, I’m Baz. I’m the founder and principal writer here at MenPathic. It’s taken me several decades and numerous experiences to finally feel at peace in the world. This is the story of my Men*Pathic Journey.


I’m Baz and that’s Karen, my saving grace and definitely my better half.

We’ve been in love since 2017 and she totally gets my superpowers. Every empath and HSP should be so fortunate.

Part 1 -Feeling Out of Place Everywhere…

Sound familiar? I’ll bet most of you reading this can identify with this statement. It didn’t matter if I was with my friends, at school, in meaningless jobs, and even later in life as a university-level lecturer and administrator…I never felt at home anywhere. Read more here…


Part 2 -Abuse and the Victim Mindset…

As I rebounded from a divorce and attempted to settle into a life as a part-time father to my two young children, I hastily chose a path that would prove to be full of obstacles and challenges. It would result in my next partner having substance abuse issues and a tendency to direct her abuse at me resulting in scars both physical and psychological that would haunt me for a decade. Continue reading by clicking here.


Part 3 -Discovering my Superpowers…

Decades after my youngest son and I started life over again under the protection of the courts, I made a lasting peace with my ex-partner and raised my son alone. It wasn’t always easy, but with my HSP and empathic traits becoming both obstacles and opportunities, I was able to protect both myself and my son (who is also an empath and HSP) and provide a meaningful path for us both. Continue reading by clicking here.