About Men*Pathic.com

Our Mission

Men*Pathic.com exists to help empathic and HSP men embrace their unique abilities, what we refer to as superpowers, and use them for the good of themselves and others.

  • Sensitive and sensible men are needed in society. It shouldn’t be considered weak or effeminate to be a sensitive male. Empathy and sensitivity are what the world needs more than ever.

  • Anyone can play a tough guy, but it takes a real superhero to embrace their sensitivities and see them as tools for change.

The MenPathic Guiding Principles

Please read the following rules for use of the MenPathic.com site

  1. Though MenPathic.com is dedicated to how HSP and empathic traits manifest in males, we acknowledge that they are generally not gender specific and occur in approximately 15-20 percent of the population with a subset of empathic and HSP males comprising about 50 percent of the affected population.

  2. MenPathic makes no distinctions between sexual orientations or gender identification.

  3. Sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia have no place on MenPathic.com either in content or user comments.

  4. We welcome visitor and readers from all walks of life with differing points of view, and encourage the expression of well-intentioned, differing points of view. However violations of these guiding principles will result in being banned from commenting and blocked here and on our social media accounts.

  5. Life is too short to be a troll. We hope that if you don’t something respectful to say, then you’ll simply go away.

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