A 4-Step Process for Embracing Your Men*Pathic Superpowers

Embracing your superpowers - it’s a process that requires time, patience, and work. If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, you’re never going to make peace with your traits.

Instead, I propose a simple (but not easy) 4-step process for embracing your Men*Pathic superpowers.


Download the Magazine

In this free PDF, I take you step-by-step through “The Superhero’s Journey,” the journey all Menpaths must take in order to embrace their superpowers.

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Yes, we have a growing Facebook Group called…MenPathic! (What a surprise, right?) It’s populated by like-minded folks who are also searching for ways to more fully embrace whether are.

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Read the Books

You wouldn’t learn how to drive by simple asking a bunch of questions in FB group, right?

You’d download the definitive booklet from your driving agency and maybe go to a driving school.

At some point you have to do the work required. The same is true for embracing your Menpathic traits.

Click here for a list of must-read books that are classic works on the traits.

Click here for the list of must-read books on HSP/Empathic traits.

Journal for Understanding

Even if you’ve never kept a journal and hold the nearly ubiquitous false belief that you can’t write, it doesn’t matter.

I’ll soon be releasing Issue #2 of the MenPathic Digital Magazine - The MenPathic Journal Method that will help you work through some of the issues buried deep within regarding your traits. It’s free for subscribers.

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